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Hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Wicked Vices is a five piece rock group formed in the fall of 2016. Comprised of Kristen Vautour (vocals), Chris Hawkins (lead guitar), Joel Dixon (rhythm guitar), Geoff MacDonald (bass/vocals) and Ryan Barrie (drums).

Taking cues from the classic rock genre melded with the depth of the early 90’s grunge era, WV do not prescribe to any specific musical category, but instead play what makes sense in the moment. Inspirations include Heart, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Grace Potter, and Canadiana rockers such as Neil Young, The Tragically Hip, Matt Mays, and July Talk.

After spending two years integrating in to the East Coast music scene, their self-titled "WV" EP was released in early February 2019 with five very powerful and catchy rock 'n' roll tracks. Their EP has charted on The !Earshot National LOUD Chart, across various Canadian radio stations, and has been featured on commercial radio.

Since the release, WV have partnered with TwoFifteen Records and Roots and Soul Music Promotions. WV have played in numerous festivals including headlining Tay Creek Festival, Living Roots Festival, and Harvest Jazz & Blues. Their first full length album will be released in 2020.

The Band


Kristen Vautour

Kristen began her journey with music at the age of 5 when she started playing piano. From there she worked her way through piano, guitar and vocal lessons, ultimately finding a passion for singing in musical theatre.  Upon moving to Fredericton in 2013, she found a vital piece of her life missing with no musical outlets. Having a love for classic rock, when a mutual friend introduced her to the boys of WV (then Through The Shadows) it was a no brainer to join in on their next musical venture.


Geoff MacDonald

Geoff picked up his first guitar from a friend at age 12. After unlocking some fundamental skills on the instrument, he began to explore song writing. With diverse influences including Tragically Hip, Bad Religion, and Blink 182. The eclectic song writing of Wicked Vices continues to grow in every direction. Geoff began playing bass with Wicked Vices in 2016.


Ryan Barrie

Drummer Ryan “Barrie Beats” is one of the co-founders of WV.  He has been playing the drums for nearly 20 years and became an endorsed artist in the fall of 2016.  His influences include Chad Smith, John Bonham, Matt Cameron, and Travis Barker.  He has been an active professional drummer since 2011.


Chris Hawkins

When Chris was just a young boy, he always dreamed of being a mermaid. His dreams were shattered however, when his mother told him mermaids were just wet prostitutes, as she disciplined his bottom with a wooden spork. Chris found that the only thing that would soothe his deep and crippling emotional wounds, was playing the electric guitar. Also, he could play it standing up, which he needed to do, since his bottom hurt so much from the constant sporkings.

Rhythm Guitar

Joel Dixon

The newest member of Wicked Vices is no stranger to the Fredericton music scene. Playing many years with WVs bass player Geoff MacDonald in Burning Coast brings a sense of familiarity. Joel has also played many years with local Fredericton band The Waking Night and was founding member of the Shifty Bits collective. Playing across Canada, booking for festivals with shifty, recording and putting out compilations, he was fortunate to learn from a lot of other artists on adding to his soundscape palate. Dixon will add some colour to an already vibrant band.