Whats going on? Aug 2017

Hey folks,

What a busy month! Let’s narrow it down to 3 main highlights!

  1. We had a blast travelling to Charlottetown PEI to play at the the legendary baba’s Lounge. We got a major lesson in team bonding 101 and then were violently rained out of our campsite in North Rustico. So much fun though and so worth it.
  2. Freedomfest in the field will take place Aug 11-13 out near Harvey, NB. We play Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm. This will be our first time playing outside and we are beyond stoked. Especially to have some of our favorite bands playing (ie lionsault, kendra gale band, tthm, etc).
  3. We are planning the recording of our first full length album. We have the songs ready, but we really need some financial help to secure a high quality recording process. Wish us luck with applications!!


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